Is a building permit necessary for a storage building ?

This is a question that we are often asked, the answer is YES.

In fact, a building permit is necessary for all new buildings, including temporary storage buildings, industrial buildings in kit, demountable hangars, agricultural buildings etc. as soon as they have been installed for more than three months.

A building permit or a preliminary declaration are files that must be completed and submitted to the mayor’s office in the municipality in which the demountable metal structure is to be installed.

A certificate stating the start and completion of building work must also be provided.

There are however exceptions for which a building permit is not mandatory:  

  • A rental term below or equal to 3 months.
  • Structures/Buildings associated with emergency housing
  • Temporary demountable buildings for schools
  • Demountable structures for cultural, commercial, sports and tourist events (over the period that the event runs with a maximum of one year)
  • Modular buildings under 1.80 m
  • Temporary building/warehouse associated with maintaining economic activities (a maximum of one year if the demountable building is located within 300 metres of the site)

Procedures for specific cases : 

  • SEVESO SITE : Submit the Plan for the prevention of technological risks 
  • ICPE SITE : Submit document PC25
  • FLOOD ZONE : Submit the flood prevention plan
  • SITE ALTERATION : Bring this to the knowledge of the Prefect of the municipality
  • ESTABLISHMENTS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC : In this case, the time required for obtaining a building permit is 6 months. Submit documents PC39 and PC40