Want to cover the terrace of your Mobil’Home?

Our mobile home tarpaulins are made by high frequency welding and, depending on the weight and color, M2 class (fire resistant)

They are available in several weights (520, 650 and 900gr/m²) and different colors : 11 plain and striped colors available in our stocks (other colors on order with a longer delivery time).
mobile home with a different color on the sides.
Our custom-made tarpaulins for mobile home roofs are equipped with a lambrequin which can be wavy or straight according to your choice.


In order to adapt perfectly to your structure, we manufacture a tensioning system with eyelets and bungee cords, and holding flaps are fixed at the location of the crosspieces to avoid rattling noises due to wind and floating.

In order to guarantee a perfect watertightness between the mobile home and the awning, we conceive a fallout with a sleeve allowing the installation of a pvc tube (weight which will avoid the tarpaulin to rise and to remain in place).

As our tarpaulins are manufactured in our workshops in Normandy, all combinations of roof, façade and gable tarpaulins are possible : the panels can be fixed, liftable or sliding, with or without doors.

You can also choose to have fixed or opening windows, with or without shutters.

As for the roofs, the peripheral tarpaulins are available in 650 and 900gr/m² and in the same colors.

We have 2 types of fixation for your awning :

  • The turnstile bridge
  • The caravan type rod, ensuring a watertightness, it is the most used fixing
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