Waterproofing ? Display ? Protecting ? Lester ? Covering? We have the right solution for your needs

Our tarpaulins are manufactured by high frequency welding, they can be, depending on the weight and color, M2 class (fire resistant).

They are available in several weights (650 and 900gr/m²) and different colors : 11 plain and striped colors available in our stocks (other colors on order with superior delivery time).

Our experience, our machines and the materials used in our workshop allow us to accompany you in all your projects.

You will find below some examples of what we can manufacture, do not hesitate to contact our team in order to explain your project to them !


  • Protective covers and tarpaulins : Made to measure, they will enable you to protect your machines, boxes, racks, engines, roofs, etc. from dust and moisture and to waterproof your equipment.

  • Screening : It is ideal for preserving your privacy outside, we design it to measure in our workshops, available in micro-perforated or solid sheeting.

  • Pergola : Our pergola and arbor covers provide excellent protection against the sun or rain. Our covers are anti-UV treated, wind and weather resistant. A PVC coated pergola cover ensures an optimal life span.

  • Banner : A sporting or cultural event? An event? We design your custom-made advertising banners with your identity, your logo… The material used will ensure good resistance to UV, wind, rain and will not retain water unlike a textile banner.

  • Billboard : Custom made, transparent, washable, it can be reused at will

In order to carry out your project, we will need plans with dimensions, and we will first draw up your estimate.

If you wish to proceed, our technician will come to your site to take precise measurements.

Choosing a Durand manufacture means choosing a quality, traditional, made-to-measure, French manufacture and a local after-sales service.

We can repair and maintain your tarpaulin in our workshop, a torn tarpaulin, a broken zip, do not hesitate to come and see us, we also have a large number of spare parts.


  • Fabric weight from 520 to 900 gr/m2

  • Can be welded from a few centimeters to several dozen meters

  • Colors : 11 available in stock (many others on order)

  • Wide choice of spare parts 

  • Canvas customization by printing or gluing (logo of your company or event, photos, texts, …)

  • Canvas in conformity with fireproof (M2)
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