Storage for waste collection centres

Are you a waste collection centre that wants to increase its storage area to better manage the sorting of your waste, or do you want to cover an existing cell or bin ?

We have tailor-made, modular and removable storage solutions.

To optimise the storage of all your waste :

  • Conventional waste : wood, paper, glass, plastic, metal, iron, baled household waste, etc.
  • Hazardous waste from the medical sector awaiting treatment in hermetically sealed silos = « sensitive » or « starred » waste.
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Shape, size and layout of our structures :

  • Rounded, polygonal or two-sided shape
  • With a range of 10, 15 or 20 metres
  • 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35… metres long, in 5-metre modules

Custom options available on request.

Different heights: we can offer solutions up to 12 metres to the ridge, with a maximum span of 20 metres.


  • All our storage solutions are tailor-made, modular and removable.
  • An accompaniment from the conception of your project to the installation of your structure,
  • The possibility of changing or repairing parts of your awning with our after-sales service,
  • Fully customize your awning and we will adapt to your needs and equipment,
  • Our sales team can guide you with measurements, 3D plans, printing your logo…

Durand is a company committed to its Normandy region.

We are working together for a more sustainable future.

Our tailor-made, modular and removable storage solutions are particularly well suited to recycling centres such as waste collection centres.

You can adjust the storage space to suit your needs, either by increasing or reducing its size.

You can also choose to cover existing spaces or create new ones.

The ridge height of our shelters is designed for the unloading of your tippers.

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We favour short circuits with our suppliers, which enables us to be responsive to our customers while ensuring quality control of our products.

We adopt a circular approach internally :

  • Our aluminium profiles come from recycled aluminium.
  • The offcuts from our aluminium profiles are recovered and recycled.
  • Our new tarpaulins have a second life and are reused for different projects after being cleaned in our specialist workshops.
  • Scrap tarpaulins are collected by an association promoting social integration. They are then transformed into bags and shopping bags.