Manufacturing market stands and trailers

Do you need to replace or repair the tarpaulin on your market stand or trailer?

Our tarpaulins for market stands and trailers are manufactured by high frequency welding, , depending on the weight and the colors, they can be M2 class (fire resistant).

They are available in several weights (650 and 900gr/m²) and different colours : 11 plain and striped colours are available in stock (other colours available on order take longer to deliver).

For your  events, private customersor professionals can create a covered sales area, which is also adaptable on an existing stand.

We manufacture your custom-made canopies to increase your covered surface areas, they are adaptable to all types of supports (truck, restaurant, house…).

This requires the aluminium structure, which we can also custom manufacture in our workshops (4-groove aluminium profile).

As our tarpaulins are manufactured in our workshops, all the manufacturing combinations of your facade and gable tarpaulins are possible: the panels can be fixed, liftable, with or without doors.

You can also choose to have fixed or opening windows, with or without shutters.

Our custom-made truck awning roofs are equipped with a valance that can be corrugated or straight as you wish. The roof is tensioned by means of pawls and a tensioning bar.

Our custom-made market trailer tarpaulins are equipped with a valance that can be corrugated or straight according to your choice.

As our tarpaulins are manufactured in our workshops, all combinations for the manufacture of your front and side tarpaulins are possible: with or without doors, you can also choose to opt for solid panels or window panels.

The fastening is done with a caravan-type rod.

In order to carry out your project, we will need plans with the dimensions of your future trailer cover, we will establish at first your estimate.
If you wish to carry out your project, we will need the trailer in our premises to take precise measurements and to ensure the manufacture and installation.
Choosing a Durand manufacture means choosing a quality, artisanal, made-to-measure, French manufacture and a local after-sales service.

We can ensure the repair and maintenance of your tarpaulin in our workshop, a torn tarpaulin, a broken zipper, do not hesitate to come see us, we also have a large number of spare parts.


  • An accompaniment from the conception of your project to the installation of your structure,
  • The possibility of changing or repairing parts of your awning with our after-sales service,
  • Fully customize your awning and we will adapt to your needs and equipment,
  • Our sales team can guide you with measurements, 3D plans, printing your logo…