Manufacturing of truck awnings

Do you need to increase the visibility of your team during your competitions ? Do you need more space to welcome your visitors or to repair your vehicles ?



Whether you’re a racing association, a professional team, a distributor of motor vehicles or a car rally enthusiast, our awnings let you make your motor racing stand bigger so that you can :

  • Host the general public or VIPs
  • Exhibit or service your vehicles
  • Obtain an additional living space.

For your events, intended for either private individuals or professionals, you can create an additional sales area, which can also be adapted to an existing stand.

We custom-make your awnings to increase  your surface area. They can be adapted to all types of uses (trucks, restaurants, houses, etc.).


  • Guidance from the design of your project to setting up  your structure,
  • The your awning can be changed or repaired with our after-sales service,
  • Fully customize your awning and we will adapt to your needs and equipment,
  • Our sales team can help you with measurements, 3D plans, printing your logo…

This design requires an aluminium structure, which we can also custom manufacture in our workshops (aluminium profile with 4 slots).

As our tarpaulins are manufactured in our workshops, a wide number of combinations are available to manufacture of your façade and gable awnings: the panels can be fixed or adjustable, or with or without doors.

You can also choose between fixed or opening windows, with or without fitted shutters.

Our custom-made roof tarpaulins for truck awnings are equipped with either a straight or wavy pelmet, as desired. The tensioning in the roof is achieved using ratchets and tensioning bars.

Each component of your awning is manufactured by our craftsmen in the workshop guaranteeing perfect finishes and a made-in-France quality. Our partners are carefully selected whether in respect of our aluminium profiles or the tarpaulins to ensure optimum tracking and tracing.
This therefore allows us to meet tight manufacturing deadlines without compromising the quality of our products.

In order to carry out your project, we will need plans with the dimensions of your truck to establish an estimate and design drawing in 3D for future awning.

If you wish to make it happen, we will need your truck to take precise measurements and ensure the manufacturing and installation.
Choosing Durand’s manufacturing process means choosing a quality, handcrafted, made-to-measure, French manufacturing process and a local after-sales service.

We can carry out the repair and maintenance of your tarpaulins in our workshop, whether you have a torn tarpaulin or a broken seal, please feel free to stop by, we also have a wide range of  spare parts.

Our awnings are fully customisable, from the number of windows, the colour of the tarpaulins, to adding your corporate identity (logo, photo, slogan etc.), allowing you to be easily identifiable from your competitors.

A wide range of options are available, such as :

  • The window style : opening, fixed, with or without shutters
  • The style of the floor covering
  • The lighting