Need to replace or repair your trailer or tipper cover ?

Our trailer and tipper tarpaulins are manufactured by high frequency welding, and depending on the weight and color, they can be M2 class (fire resistant).

They are available in several weights (650 and 900gr/m²), different colors : 10 plain colors available in our stocks (other colors on order with a longer delivery time) and are reinforced in the corners.

The skips are reinforced at the crossbars, the ruler and the central tube.

Effective against snow, rain, dust and sun, they can be installed instantly thanks to the bungee cords which ensure easy fixing and excellent resistance to wind.

  • By zip fastener
  • By bridge and strap

We can also install the pulleys on the frame.

Réalisation sur mesure d'une toile de protection pour une remorque

In order to carry out your project, we will need plans with the dimensions of your future trailer cover, we will first establish your estimate.

If you wish to go ahead with your project, we will need the trailer in our premises to take precise measurements and to ensure the manufacture and installation.

Choosing a Durand manufacture means choosing a quality, traditional, made-to-measure, French manufacture and a local after-sales service.

Many customers, individuals, or professionals, have been using our services for several years (Les Remorques VERENE, Transports Devaux et Fils, S.B.P.L, Guilloux Matériaux…)

We can repair and maintain your tarpaulin in our workshop, a torn tarpaulin, a broken zip, do not hesitate to come and see us, we also have a large number of spare parts.


  • An accompaniment from the conception of your project to the installation of your structure,
  • The possibility of changing or repairing parts of your awning with our after-sales service,
  • Fully customize your awning and we will adapt to your needs and equipment,
  • Our sales team can guide you with measurements, 3D plans, printing your logo…
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