Storage building

Do you need additional storage space permanently or temporarily ?

Do you need additional storage space on a permanent or temporary basis ?


DURAND offers you turnkey solutions, for sale or rent, for your demountable buildings.

Opting for a DURAND dismountable building means that you will benefit from approved equipment that complies with the standards in force in your region.

Montage armature profilé aluminium entrepôt de stockage

Our demountable structures, entirely manufactured in Normandy, are functional and can be adapted to your requirements, allowing for quick implementation and use to meet your most pressing needs while preserving the highest quality of construction.


We can ensure for example the sealing of your building by way of guttering work, for example.


So that we can meet your requirements, DURAND offers a variety of equipment
insulated panels, doors, sectional gates, etc.…


  • An accompaniment from the conception of your project to the installation of your structure,
  • The possibility of changing or repairing parts of your awning with our after-sales service,
  • Fully customize your awning and we will adapt to your needs and equipment,
  • Our sales team can guide you with measurements, 3D plans, printing your logo…

The storage barnum is a quick and easy solution to put in place and does not require a building permit for short-term use (see our article, on this subject), allowing you to increase your outdoor sales area over a short or long period.


Have you suffered damage or require work to be carried out ? We work with experts and insurers to meet your requirements and to put in place the most suitable alternative solution (reception halls, covered tennis courts, concert halls, covered bowling alleys etc.)


Temporary marquees allow for the possibility of installing racks for shelving. They can be installed with cassetteflooring, rigid panel walls, doors, heating and lighting etc.


Our marquees provide you with all of the comfort of a brick building (sealing, installation of sub-roof, insulated panels)


Our dismountable metal structures, functional and adaptable to your request, allow a very fast implementation and exploitation to answer your most urgent needs while preserving a real quality of construction.


bâtiment de stockage sur mesure

These industrial buildings in kit provide shelter for your stocks and supplies over a specific period or on a permanent basis. They have been designed to provide you with all of the comfort of a brick building (sealing, installation of sub-roof, insulated panels). Your staff can work inside them in complete safety.


Our demountable hangars can be adapted to your site and can be installed independently or attached to your existing building.


A temporary warehouse is a cheaper and quicker structure to put in place than a traditional building. We can intervene quickly when needed whether it’s a question of reducing or increasing the surface area. Its modular set-up makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble on another one of your sites.


Our “rental” solution does not require capital investment (CAPEX).
All of the costs fall within operating expenditure (OPEX)


Our demountable shelters also allow you a great flexibility; we can increase or decrease the surface during the rental period according to your activity.

Sale or rental, our sales team will guide you to the solution that best suits your needs !



Bâtiment de stockage sur mesure 15X50 Hauteur 5m