Production workshop

Do you need extra production space ? 

Permanently or temporarily ?  

DURAND supplies turnkey solutions

Our demountable and modular industrial buildings  meet the most urgent needs of the industrial sectors and they can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis. 


Whether it’s a disaster, construction work or for an increase in activity, our team is at your service and will accompany you throughout your project, taking into account your needs and requirements and supplying you with a production workshop that will meet your specifications.


Our demountable hangars comply with safety and health standards and regulations, which guarantees that you comply with work regulations. Your employees will therefore be able to work in safety.


Manufactured entirely in Normandy, our portable buildings are functional and they can be adapted to your requirements, they can be set up and used in no time at all to meet your most urgent needs in line with high standards of quality construction. They can be attached to an existing building.



  • Range from 5 to 40 metres
  • Side height from 2.30 to 6 metres
  • Ridge height from 3 to 12 metres
  • Adjustable length by 5-metre spans
  • Fixed by anchoring spikes or ballasted by concrete blocks according to the constraints of the ground
  • Wide choice of options: cassette floor, simple or insulated cladding, doors, heating, lighting, anti-condensation sub-roofing, waterproofing, etc.


Flexibility with surfaces from 9 to 5000m², extensions and relocation possible at any time.
Custom-made constructions, without foundations or a building permit, which are quick to assemble.


  • Portable and modular according to your needs,
  • Fast installation,
  • Quality long-lasting products,
  • Customizable and adaptable according to your location,
  • Possibility to create your own identity,
  • Customization of your space,
  • Comfort identical to a reception room,
  • After-sales service : 100% Normandy manufacturing with the supply of spare parts.

Our structures that are manufactured in Normandy, meet the latest standards. They are reliable and sturdy, with a quality that is on par with traditional construction, they are manufactured with top quality materials mainly coming from French suppliers or from other European countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain).


Our teams accompany you from when you determine your needs to the installation of the structure on your site.

The design office and R&D

At Durand, our design office will provide you with support throughout your project.

Our engineers provide you with a personalised service from when you determine your needs through to the development of your solution. Based on engineering studies and 3D simulations (3D CAD design software), we supply you with a certified solution.

Our workshops and our equipment

Our premises comprise

  • tarpaulin workshop equipped with a number of high-frequency machines
  • manufacturing workshop which allows us greater freedom and autonomy in the design or our structures.

Our experience

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with a family business renowned for its know-how since 1994.

Year upon year, we strive for the highest standards in our work, providing you with the guarantee of a « MADE IN NORMANDY » service and design. These are the values that we hold dear and to which we are committed in an approach to consume better, locally and more responsibly.

Our products have been proven and tested for decades and are also available for rental in both the events and storage sectors.

Our production is a 100% made in Normandy

Fabriqué en Normandie

When opting for a by Durand Location structure, you benefit from approved equipment compliant with the CTS standards (Marquees, tents and structures) and you are supporting French manufacturing.

So that we can offer the best solution for you, we manufacture aluminium channel profile frames with the connection of profile parts by connecting parts in galvanised steel, thus guaranteeing both quality and durability.

Our manufacturing process is that of metal and textile, from the manufacturing aluminium frameworks with steel reinforcements or covers with PVC coated technical membranes.


Installation Fabrication structure Aluminium Durand

Our teams, trained regularly on the new regulations, will ensure optimum conditions for installation on site. Building on our experience, we are able to install on all types of land as well as on sensitive sites (nuclear plants, electrical conversion sites, army sites etc.).

As a guarantee of quality, Durand issues you with an assembly certificate and a safety log.

Suivi et SAV Fabrication_structure Aluminium Durand

The French manufacturing of our structures in our workshops in Normandy allows us to guarantee a quick and effective after-sales service.


We also offer various services for maintaining your structures such as the cleaning of your tarpaulins, the replacement of parts, and disassembly.