Do you need to increase your sales area ?

Do you need to increase your sales area ?

Do you need to increase your sales area, store merchandise, create your own customized space, ...? e.g. tents of 200m2

Would you like to increase your sales area, or store goods, create your custom-made space, either for temporary or permanent use 

You can do just that when you opt for our Premium 6, 8 or 10 metre wide structurethere is a wide range of options to meet all of your needs.

 The structure can be installed independently or attached to your existing building. From a tarpaulin roof, glazed panels or insulated walls, there are a number of different combinations available. The marquee may also be divided into several sections combining panels and tarpaulin on the walls.

All of the answers to any questions you may have can be found here !

How long does it take to manufacture a storage building ?

It takes approximately 4 weeks from when the order is received.

How long does it take to install ? 

1 to 2 days depending on the options chosen.

Is the structure portable ?

Yes, it can be moved on the same site or to another site, it can also be extended should if your needs change.

What are the possible rental periods ?

We offer packages to meet your needs, ranging from one month to several years. The initial agreed period can also be extended. Our demountable marquees are also available for purchase.

On what types of land can a demountable warehouse be assembled ?

On all types of land. In fact, there are a number of solutions available for the floor anchoring (anchoring spikes, concrete beds, self-ballasted flooring), our equipment will ensure that your infrastructure remains intact.

No foundation work is required beforehand.

Choose the type of structure according to your needs

Sheet steel panels

If you need additional space to store goods, we recommend a structure with sheet steel panels which will protect your products against moisture. It can also be equipped with a door that can be locked with a key to secure your stock.

PVC sandwich panels

This type of finish provides the same comfort as that of a traditional building, there are with various options available to for you: flooring, heating. lighting, solid or glazed doors.

The structures provide a genuine additional sales area where your staff can work in complete safety. Our structures combine comfort and aesthetics.

Entertainment marquees : the combination of panels and tarpaulin

A school canteen ? An exhibition hall for vehicles ? A reception hall or a sports hall ?

All establishments that host the general public are subject to strict regulations. Our buildings meet the CTS standards and they are approved by the BVCTS.

Whether for short, medium or long-term rental or for purchase, our shelters can be made available within just a few days to meet the requirements and needs of professionals.

Tarpaulins for reception tents

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or wedding, all of your private events can be held in our white or a transparent covered structures. You can accommodate up to160 people seated and 300 standing in our 200m² reception tent.

Here too, there are a wide number of options available for you: parquet flooring, lighting, heating, velum, canopy, furniture. We can offer everything you need to make your event unforgettable.