Need to expand your canteen or your self-service restaurant for the beginning of the school year ?

Dans le contexte sanitaire actuel, Durand location vous propose des solutions adaptées afin de respecter les un mètre de distanciation imposés par le gouvernement dans les cantines scolaires depuis ce week-end. 

During the current health crisis, Durand location offers solutions tailored to comply with the one metre distancing rules imposed by the government in school canteens since this weekend. 
We can temporarily increase the space of your primary or secondary school canteen, in the case where it doesn’t currently comply, in its current condition, with these distancing rules.
We guarantee your pupils the same comfort as that of a traditional building.
Feel free to contact us on or by email to:

Accessories for a temporary canteen

  • Flooring
  • White PVC insulated panels or safety-type glass
  • Transparent tarpaulin or white for partitions
  • White or transparent door.
  • Heating and lighting
  • Furniture
  • Distributor of hand sanitiser

150m2 structure in a Paris region school with flooring, heating, electricity, white panels and glazed

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