Fireproof standard

It is the way in which a material (concrete, wood, paper…) will behave as a fuel. This reaction is defined after standardized tests in approved centers.

Extract CTS art. 8 “The roofing, the possible double interior roofing and the belt of the establishment must be made of materials of category M 2 whose report of classification in reaction to fire does not include a limit of durability (1).”

M0non-combustiblestone, brick, cement, tiles, lead, steel, slate, ceramic, plaster, concrete, glass, rock wool, Staff
M1non-flammablecomposite materials, rigid PVC, mineral slabs for false ceilings, some fireproofed woods, some fireproofed polyesters
M2hardly flammablewall-to-wall carpeting, particle board
M3moderately flammablewood (including glued laminate), rubber flooring, polyamide carpeting, wool
M4easily flammablepaper, polyester, polypropylene, mixed fiber carpet
NCnot classified